Koi keeping is passion, art, skill,
hard work and a lot of fun too.

Koi Health

Help My Koi Are Sick


There  are a lucky few who have never had to deal with koi illness and death.  Koi generally stay healthy when water quality is maintained, feeding is  appropriate and the koi keeper regularly observes the koi to spot  problems right away.  
​So  what can you do when you have koi exhibiting symptoms of illness or  maybe you're finding dead koi in the pond? You can do some research  online like the Koiphen health thread, you can ask for advice on the  KKONA Facebook page or you can contact UMKC members for advice.  
We have two certified Koi Health Advisors:  
Michelle Gravenish
Herb Struss
Koi can also be taken to the offices of Dr. Amy Kizer. Routine veterinarian rates will apply.  Lexington Pet Clinic 651-452-5450  
Some important things to know when you ask for advice:  
(1) What are your water parameters?  
(2) When did your koi start getting sick?  
(3) Has anything changed before your koi started getting sick?  
(4) Did you introduce any new koi or plants before your koi started getting sick?  




Presentation - Ron Sterbenz, UMKC Meeting 3.4.2017

Ron discussed maintenance/fixing pond equipment. Slide from his presentation can be seen in this PDF

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