Koi keeping is passion, art, skill,
hard work and a lot of fun too.

Equipment Exchange


Equipment Exchange


Welcome  to the Upper Midwest Koi Club "Koi and Equipment Exchange" page. If you  are club member in good standing (meaning you have paid your annual  dues), you may post koi and/or pond equipment for sale. You set the  price, you coordinate with the buyer - all that we ask is that you let  us know when you have made a sale so that we can take down the listing. You do not have to be a member of the Upper Midwest Koi Club to buy any listed item.

DISCLAIMER:  The Upper Midwest Koi Club board members disclaim all warranties and  condition of equipment being sold and the health and condition of koi  being sold. All koi and equipment are sold "as is". The Upper Midwest  Koi Club recommends that buyers inspect all koi and equipment carefully  prior to purchase. Payment method and any shipping arrangements are the  responsibility of the seller and buyer.

Here's how to post a koi or equipment piece you would like to sell:
a.  Send an email with a photo of the koi/item to Lori Vertin, lorivertin@gmail.com

b.   If you are selling a koi you will need to provide your name, the city  you are located, your email, the price of the koi and a photo.  No  photo, no listing.
c.  OPTIONAL information for koi include age, size, sex, variety, breeder.

 d.   If you are selling equipment you will need to provide your name, the  city you are located, your email, the type of item, the price of the  equipment and a photo.  No photo, no listing.
e. OPTIONAL information for equipment include description or notes.

f.   OPTIONAL - You may set one price for UMKC members and a different  price for non-UMKC members. If you do not know if the buyer is a UMKC  member please contact Lori Vertin.
g.  Other items you may wish to  post include koi related items, water plants, koi decorations - if you  are wondering if it can be listed, contact Lori Vertin.

After  you have sold your listed item, please email Lori Vertin with the UMKC  provided listing number, date sold and final price. Please note that  UMKC is providing this exchange as a service to our club members. There  is no fee to list koi or equipment for club members.