Koi keeping is passion, art, skill, hard work and a lot of fun too.

Koi keeping is passion, art, skill, hard work and a lot of fun too.Koi keeping is passion, art, skill, hard work and a lot of fun too.
2020 UMKC Annual Koi Show


The Upper Midwest Koi Club annual show will be held July 31 - August 2, 2020 at the St. Louis Park Outdoor Recreation Center.  All exhibitor, vendor and sponsorship forms will be accessible through this page by 3.31.2020.  


Support our Vendors

Southwest Koi and Goldfish

Southwest Koi and Goldfish

UMKC would like to thank our vendors who generously commit to attending our shows. Their sponsorship ensures the success of our shows. We hope you will consider purchases from these vendors all year.

Southwest Koi and Goldfish

Southwest Koi and Goldfish

Southwest Koi and Goldfish


Koi, goldfish, supplies, food, medicine, artwork and more. Southwest has been at every UMKC koi show! 

Contact: Mike Weynschenck


Follow on Facebook  @southwest.koi

Bickal Koi Farm

Southwest Koi and Goldfish

Bickal Koi Farm


Bickal Koi Farm has supported UMKC every year with koi for every budget.

Contact: Todd Bickal


Follow on Facebook  @BickalKoiFarm

PS Koi

Would you like to be a vendor?

Bickal Koi Farm


Specializing in fine quality Japanese nishikigoi & buying trips to Japan. PSKoi/Russell Peters is located in Thorntown, IN. 

Contact: Russell Peters


Follow on Facebook @PSKoi

Beni Hanna Nishikigoi

Would you like to be a vendor?

Would you like to be a vendor?


Beni Hanna Nishikigoi koi breeder and importer of high quality koi. Beni Hanna is located in Carneys Point, NJ.

Contact: Mat McCann


Follow on Facebook @benihannanishikigoi

Would you like to be a vendor?

Would you like to be a vendor?

Would you like to be a vendor?

Spaces for "dry" vendors are available. 

We would love to see vendors of products related to koi/asian art, bonsai, pond plants, koi themed items (t-shirts, ceramics, outdoor pieces).

Dry Vendor registration information will be published here by 3.31.2020.



Where is the show?

St. Louis Park Outdoor Rec Center

Address: 3700 Monterey Dr, St Louis Park, MN 55416

Amenities: Co-located with an aquatic park and indoor public ice skating rink.



July 31, 2020 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Koi will be benched all day and vendors may begin setting up their booths at any time. Public may attend and make purchases throughout the day.  Official opening of the show is 3:00 pm when all vendors should be set up.

August 1, 2020  8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Sales for koi to be included in the show must be completed by 9:30 am.  Koi that will be entered in the vendor tanks must fall within one of the following: Size 1 (under 8”), Size 2 (8” - under 12”) and Size 3 (12” - under 16”).

August 1, 2020 time and location TBA - Awards Banquet

August 2, 2020 9:00 and to 1:00 pm.   Judges tank walk will began at 9:30 am. 

Koi owners who have driven beyond 200 miles will be allowed to prepare koi for transport beginning at 11:30 am.

Break down will begin at 1:00 pm.


Where can I stay?

We are recommending:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Minneapolis-Park Place

1500 Park Place Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55416


This hotel is conveniently located near the West End Shops which offers a variety of restaurants and a movie theater. 

2020 Koi Show | Exhibitor Information

information for koi show exhibitors will be published here by 3.31.2020

2020 UMKC Koi Show | Judges

Steve Childers, Florida

Robert Wicker, North Carolina

Robert Wicker, North Carolina


Robert Wicker, North Carolina

Robert Wicker, North Carolina

Robert Wicker, North Carolina



Thank you so much to the businesses and individuals who sponsor our trophies and show. 

Please contact Michelle Gravenish or Lori Vertin regarding sponsorships. Trophy sponsorships are on a 'first come - first serve' basis. As trophies are sponsored, names will be filled in next to the award.

Trophy Sponsorship $150.00/each

  • Grand Champion A (kohaku, sanke, showa) 
  • Grand Champion B (all other varieties) - John Hall
  • Reserve Champion (size 5,6,7 - all varieties)

Trophy Sponsorships $100.00/each

  • Mature Champion A (Size 5, 6, 7  Kohaku, Sanke, Showa)
  • Mature Champion B (Size 5,6,7. all other varieties)
  • Young Champion A (Size 3 and 4  Kohaku, Sanke, Showa)
  • Young Champion B (Size 3 and 4  all other varieties)
  • Baby Champion A (Size 1 and 2  Kohaku, Sanke, Showa)
  • Baby Champion B (Size 1 and 2  all other varieties) 
  • Jumbo Champion (Size 6 and 7 all varieties)

Trophy Sponsorships $75.00 /each

  • Best in Size 1 - under 8"
  • Best in Size 2 - 8" to under 12"
  • Best in Size 3 - 12" to under 16"
  • Best in Size 4 - 16" to under 20"
  • Best in Size 5 - 20" to under 24"
  • Best in Size 6 - 24" to under 28"
  • Best in Size 7 - 28" and over

Trophy Sponsorships $50.00/each

  • Best in Variety KOHAKU
  • Best in Variety SANKE
  • Best in Variety SHOWA
  • Best in Variety UTSURIMONO
  • Best in Variety DOITSU
  • Best in Variety ASAGI/SHUSUI
  • Best in Variety BEKKO
  • Best in Variety GOROMO/GOSHIKI
  • Best in Variety TANCHO
  • Best in Variety GIN RIN A
  • Best in Variety GIN RIN B
  • Best in Variety KAWARIGOI
  • Best in Variety HIKARI MUJI (metallic, single color)
  • Best in Variety HIKARI MOYO (metallic, 2 or more colors)
  • Best in Variety MUJIMONO (nonmetallic, single color)
  • Best Longfin
  • Best Male (all varieties)
  • Most Unique
  • Novice Tank

Show Sponsors $1000/$500/$300/$150

Show sponsorships will be earmarked towards the following expenses:

·  Facility rental

·  Security services

·  Movement to/from show and long term storage of koi club show material

·  Awards without sponsorship

·  Hotel/meals for judges

·  Reduced awards banquet fees for vendors

Thank you in advance!



Ver-tech Labs




Sponsorship payment may be completed through PayPal or a check. 

Checks should be made out to UMKC. Mailing address is Ron Sterbenz, 949 Ewing Ave. South , Minneapolis MN 55416.

Payment via PayPal can be completed using the payment button below. Please make sure you write the trophy you are sponsoring in the notes section. Please list an alternative selection(s). Thank you!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card





Would you consider donating an item for our club raffle and auction? Some of the donation items we are looking for are: gift certificates, garden plants, décor and supplies, logo wear, lodging, sporting event tickets, gift baskets, koi and koi food, pond plants and supplies.  

Please contact Michelle Gravenish at twincollectibles@yahoo.com





Assorted amigurumi will be available at the UMKC raffle. Approximately 11" long each. Donation from Linda Morita, Huntington Beach, CA.

Upper Midwest Koi Club

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD

President - Lori Vertin

Vice President - Mary Susan Heise

Secretary - Christel Sorg

Treasurer - Ron Sterbenz

Member - Michelle Gravenish (former club president)

Member - Ryan Han

Member - Chris Konecne

Member - Cheng Lee (former club president)

Member - Joe Retterath

2020 Show Chairpersons

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD


Lori Vertin and Michelle Gravenish

2020 Show Volunteers

2019 - 2021 UMKC BOARD

2020 Show Volunteers